Happy GEN-Africa-Group

GEN-Africa is the African ecovillage association, promoting social resilience, environmental pro­tection and restoration of nature through the concept of ecovillages as models for sustainable human settlements. We actively support the de­vel­opment of ecovillages and networks in all parts of Africa.

GEN-Africa is a membership organisation that is emerging with the support of GEN - Europe foun­ded in 1996, and open to a wide range of projects regardless of their political, religious or cultural backgrounds.

What we do

  1. Makes visible to the world the dynamic and impressive work already being done on the ground to develop sustainable community solutions all over Africa
  2. Empowers these projects and the people involved by connecting them to each other and to like-minded individuals and organisations worldwide
  3. Facilitates South-South and South-North exchange of inspiration, information and training amongst ecovillages and related projects
  4. Invites traditional village networks into the ecovillage network on the basis of deep respect for the wisdom they still hold

African Permaculture Revolution Continues Across The Continent

The European branch of GEN-Europe (GEN) is assisting inthe emergence of GEN-Africa (www.gen-africa.org) as an independent branch of the global network – there is a lot happening. All over Africa inspiration is being offered to the ecovillage network. In the face of climate change and resource depletion, a network that builds bridges in a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect deserves respect.

Khula Dhamma

In 2000 five friends purchased land near the coastal village of Haga Haga in the Eastern Cape. The land is about 8 km from the sea (with beautiful deserted beaches) and is just under 300 hectares of rolling ‘bush veld’ with lush greenbelts, bordered on by the Quko River. Geographically it is situated on the southern cusp of the sub-tropical climate region which allows for extensively diverse and year-round cultivation. From 2000 to 2003 the land rarely had more than two people living on it full-time. Then in 2003 two more committed pioneers arrived and the vision started to take shape...

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